New owner:

Andrea Lovett

Pickalilly was established in 2012 by two remarkable business woman who laid a very good foundation for Pickalilly, building a very well-known and respectable kids clothing brand throughout the years. Pickalilly underwent a buyout in 2020 by Andrea Lovett who have since then taken over and continued with her own creative ideas and inputs.

Andrea has a GREAT love for kids clothing that is practical and non-restricting throughout playtime. Pickalilly has always been on the top of her list when visiting a market or doing online shopping. With a great love for sewing and organizing, she felt Pickalilly was the correct fit for her creative and numerical background. Since the age of 5 , her perfect “job-description” for herself was being a mom. Pickalilly’s feedback, criticism and experience of their clothing are tried by her two children in the wild terrain of play-time, nap-time, eating-time, and family-time.

We are proud to mention that every graphic presented on our clothing is EXCLUSIVELY, originally and uniquely designed for Pickalilly and won’t be found elsewhere.

Pickalilly is a local brand which continues to support local suppliers and businesses that all add value into our supply chain, remaining  a proudly South African brand.  Our brand uses quality cotton fabric for most of the make-up of our garments, making it breathable and soft. We aim to produce quality kids clothing that lasts.